Shaldon School


Shaldon School has a wonderful location and great reputation. 

Shaldon Schools Learning Values are:-
  • Make learning of subjects and the curriculum vivid and real
  • To ensure that every learner is offered the opportunity to succeed academically, socially, culturally, spiritually and physically.  Set high expectations
  • Build on what learners already know; structure and pace teaching so that they understand what is to be learnt, how and why
  • Making learning an enjoyable and challenging experience; stimulate learning through matching teaching techniques and strategies to a range of learning styles and needs
  • Assessment for learning which makes individuals partners in their learning
  • Ensure learning is inclusive, not exclusive
  • Develop learning skills and personal qualities to be applied across the curriculum inside and outside the classroom
  • Encourage life long learning


Bridge Road
TQ14 0DD
Telephone: 01626 873329
Fax: 01626 873938
Website http://www.shaldon.devon.sch.uk

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