Shaldon and Stokeinteignhead Ward


The Shaldon & Stokeinteignhead Ward  is made up of the parishes of Shaldon and Stokeinteignhead. 
Shaldon, now the larger conurbation and Ringmore (further up the estuary and to the other side of the bridge) are both situated on the banks of  the Teign Estuary. Stokeinteignhead however is further inland and can easily be bypassed or overlooked. As you would expect this area has many farms and the inland areas are laid to agricultural land with a smattering of small hamlets. 
Who lives here? It is well known that the area has a higher proportion of married and middle aged vs single and young people than other South West regions. This Ward also has a significantly higher percentage of households who own their home. Only 3% of households live in social-rented accommodation.
The religious flavour to Shaldon & Stokeinteignhead is a predominantly Christian population which is consistent with the South West but is higher than the proportion in England.

To see a full analysis of the region please see this link to the Teignbridge Govt website.


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