Shaldon Beach Huts

We have two Beachuts available for rental all year around. Beach Hut 2, sleeps four and Beach Hut 5, sleeps two.


Shaldon self catering and holiday rentals are keenly fought over in the summer months. Shaldon has now become a destination of choice due to its estuary and beach location and the abundance of things to do nearby.

The village has become famous for its beachhuts, which are quite unique in their build and accommodation. Most beachuts are purely for day stays, with a collection of kettles, windbreaks, deckchairs, fising roads and sand! These are completely different, with a quality to the kitchens and bathrooms not found in most homes.

This collection of beach huts has been shown in the national press and on television and continues to be a great attraction. Ideal as a gift or to celebrate a family event or anniversary, they are the perfect getaway. With some great restaurants and cafes very close at hand and with lots to do you they are always in demand!

If you would like to read more about these great beach huts and the surrounding area please visit Discovery Holiday Homes. You can also bookonline and see more using the two buttons below.


Beach hut 5

Photos from Discovery Holiday Homes

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