Are you a Holiday Home Owner?

Are you a Holiday Home Owner?

If you own a holiday home or are thinking of buying one then ask yourself a question?

1. Does, or will my holiday home get enough rentals each year?
2. Does the agency used take too much commission?
3. Are there any date restrictions on use of your holiday home?
3. Can you see all your bookings and accounts, with all costs, online 24/7?
4. Does the agency provide your own website for family and friends?
5. Do you see an increasing number of European visitors in and out of season?
We could add a lot more, but if you use an agency or even rent your holiday home yourself, it could be worth calling us today for an informal chat.
Discovery Holiday Homes has an international reach but has local offices and portfolio of South Devon properties, including Shaldon and Ringmore.
If you want to connect with Discovery Holiday Homes or find out more, please use the links below!
Discovery Holiday Homes is a holiday rental home business operating internationally, but with offices in the centre of Torquay. Through extensive marketing strategies, quality web platforms and user friendly booking systems, we enable holidaymakers to find their perfect holiday home ~ yours!
We specialise in marketing properties to local and international visitors, for both pleasure and business. We have accumulated many years' experience in the marketing of self-catering apartments, houses, cottages and villas and process thousands of bookigs per year, but still maintain a personal service for owners and guests alike.
We provide a fully comprehensive package including online bookings, payments in multi-currencies, phone support to holiday visitors in English, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch. To offer a comprehensive service, we partner with local management companies to cover cleaning, maintenance and support services.

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