Contribute to this site

Contribute to this site


I'm Helen Scull and live in Ringmore. I have been running the Shaldon website for several years and decided that the time had come for it to be developed into something richer and more informative.

This site has recently been redeployed in a new format, which allows us to add a lot more information. The site design and administration have been gratefully donated by Discovery Travel Network Ltd, a local company focussed on helping tourists find local information. With many of these local sites now driving traffic to Shaldon aswell, we are seeing more and more traffic.

Shaldon-devon.co.uk receives thousands of visits every month, increasing daily as Shaldon gets recognised for its improvement and investment in its infrastucture.

I would love anybody who runs local events to contact me and anybody who wishes publish articles of interest to send them through. We will credit any articles witht the writers name.

Businesses who wish rto advertise can still recive exceptional rates that cover the costs of administration and hosting this site.

We would love to have local experts write on the local wildlife, history, angling, geology or anything else of interest. 

All new ideas and suggestions are also welcome.

Please use the contact form to contact me.

Thanks for reading and visiting this site.

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