Shaldon Beaches

Shaldon Beaches


Keep Britain Tidy Quality Coast Award 2011

Apart from the main estuary beach front in Shaldon (picture above), there is the popular Ness beach (see below for more information and click on the pictures to the right.).

Ness Cove lies at the foot of the magnificent Ness Headland, a red hued landmark feature of the South Devon coastline. The Ness beach is accessed via an original Smugglers tunnel, that comprises both a sloping path down, and some steps. Ness Cove is one our most secluded and picturesque beaches, completely enclosed by the shelter of the cliffs above.

Mainly shingle, the beach graduates gently towards the sea, and provides a great swimming area. Fishing for shrimps in the rock pools, or try  fishing from the beach. RELAX !!sit and watch the rest of the world go by.

There are yellow marker buoys out to sea, and boats are not permitted to enter the area between them and the shoreline, to enable swimming safely, apart from access to the beach via a marked access lane as marked on the beach maps.

You can book the beach for evening barbeques, via the Teignbridge District Council

Dogs are permitted all year round. Teignbridge District Council welcomes responsible dog owners, please ensure that you clear up after your pet.


Nearby  -

  •  Refreshment kiosk
  • Parking –the Ness Car Park
  • Public Toilets
  • Easy access from all main roads and good public transport links from railway stations and bus terminals
  • Ode Cafe

Ness Beach


Shaldon Beach can really be said to be the real scene of ‘Messing about on the River !! “ It is a hive of beach activity- Sailing, fishing, swimming, canoeing, rowing and people just messing about in and out of the water. Why not join in the many things that take place?-the Shaldon Regatta, the Water Carnival to name but a few.?

At high tide, huge container ships enter the narrow estuary mouth to dock at the Port of Teignmouth - or watch the local rowers compete against each other  or be out in  training. Take a trip to Teignmouth from Shaldon beach  on the oldest passenger ferry in England.

Shaldon estuary beach is a mix of shingle and  reddish sand , full of shells and beach treasure. The beach gently slopes towards the mouth of the estuary.??

Near by Shaldon beach are many local shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

From May to September Dog walkers may not walk their dogs on sections of this beach. Teignbridge District Council welcomes responsible dog owners, please clear up after your pet


Gallery beach

Is you wish to stay somewhere close to the beach there are a few B&B's, a couple of hotels and the famous Shaldon Beach huts of course.

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