Holiday Home Insurance

Holiday Home Insurance

Specialist Holiday Home Insurance

As our name suggests, we specialise in arranging second home Insurance and holiday home insurance. We currently offer property insurance for holiday homes in United Kingdom and overseas property in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Greek Islands, Cyprus, Malta and Ireland.

The policy we offer is tailored to meet unique needs of a holiday homeowner, regardless of whether the property is used by yourself, family and friends or let for holiday use. Insurers tend to be perceive these homes as a greater risk to standard household insurers so they will generally shy away from insuring them. However, our underwriters do not believe this to be the case providing some simple measures are put into place.

Unfortunately, as the market for general home insurance is geared towards the high numbers of main residence policies needed by the majority, many individuals are sold an insurance policy that simply does not cater for the comprehensive and unique requirements an insurance policy for a holiday home should offer. If you require a quotation, you can be reassured that we offer you the best level of cover we have available and understand your precise requirements. We will always try to meet your insurance needs. However if we for whatever reason we are unable to meet your requirements, we will always try offer as much advice as we can through our many years of experience.


Insurance For Holiday Homes, 9 Ebdon Road Weston-super-Mare,  BS22 6UB

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