Streets of Shaldon

Streets of Shaldon

Shaldon’s Historic Bridge. The way most visitors arrive in Shaldon. First built of wood in 1827 it was rebuilt in 1931, and then widened and improved in the early part of this century. The toll house on the Teignmouth side still stands there !

Bridge road also appeared in the nineteenth century, as no other roads leading to the river were big enough for stage coaches. The original coaching Inn -Clifford House was the coaching Inn.
Shaldon Bridge
Marine Parade runs along the river beach -and here can be found the shaldon-Teignmouth Ferry -which has existed since the 13th Century

Marine Parade

The Strand & Marine Parade Shaldon-some of the house along here were built by the Newfoundland Fishing company as fishermen’s homes. Each had their own portion of beach for storage and boats, these of course now are little gardens. The Ferryboat Inn was originally called the Crown.

The Strand

The end of Marine Parade where the Ness can be seen in the background

end of marine parade

Shoreside -up stream going towards Ringmore- these houses were recently built on the siteof an old holiday camp site

Riverside-this area was built to keep the high waters away from the most low lying areas-the far end of this is now the site of the Clipper cafe-originally a large coal store, the jetty was still used for unloading coal in the nineteenth century. 

Shaldon Church Street

Albion Street runs up from the slipway on Riverside, and was once the main route to enter the village before the bridge was built. There was a ford here, and cattle and horses were brought across, no 17 Albion street, now a private house, was once the ‘Horseferry Inn’, at the end of that street is a side path with the original cobbled paving ( cobbles bought along the coast from Oddicombe)-most of Shaldon then had cobbles, also from that area came the limestone kerbstones and gutters that line the streets of Shaldon.


Riverside just down from the junction with Albion Street

Backstreet Marine Parade

Arch Street


The Village Green

Bowling Green

Bowls on the village green

Shaldon Bowling Green

Albion street towards the slipway

Albion Street

The village end of Albion Street

Shaldon Street

Middle Street -at the junction of Dagmer street and Middle street there used to be the original village green

Backstreets Shaldon

Sunny Patch - originally the site site of three old cottages which were demolished a long time ago -the land was then donated to the village by a local benefactor. The Patch provides a lovely corner for both visitor and local, with the area having been landscaped by Devon CC Ammenities, and donations of trees and shrubs by Teignbridge local council

Shaldon’s Diamond Jubilee memorial in Sunny Patch


Its easy to play hide and seek!

Narrow Street

Shaldon side of the bridge. Watch out for fishermen!

Shaldon Bridge

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