Villages in Devon

Villages in Devon

Devon has many villages tucked away, many of which will never be found by visitors and some not even found by locals!  We ware compiling a short list of those we consider of merit and can be reached relatively easily.

Stoke Gabriel  On the edge of the River Dart, with its own millpond and a great cafe on the Quay. There are a couple of good pubs and for the more adventurous canoes can be hired down on the river.  A few miles from Paignton, turn left off the Totnes road just on the outskirts of Paignton. Aish is also local hamlet within walking distance of Stoke Gabriel.

Maidencombe Only a few miles along thr road from Shaldon and more of a hamlet than a village. There is a small beach at the bottom of "Steep Hill" and  a pub (no suprise). Turn left just before the garage at the bottom of the hill just after Labrador Bay.

Coffinswell  This is a small village just off the A380, the road between Torquay and Newton Abbot. Coffinswell has a Norman church close to Court Barton, a manor house reaching back to 16th century. Like many places in Devon it has a number of cob and thatch cottages. Working up through the village you reach the hamlet of Daccombe.



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