Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly

Dogs and pets coming on holiday are quite commonplace in Shaldon. The reasons are quite obvious (apart from not leaving your loved one behind) and they are the great outdoors. Walks, woods, beaches and trails. From Shaldon riverside beach to Dartmoor, there are endless places to take your dog.

Shaldon is one of the most dog friendly villages in the area and you will see may chasing balls on the estuary at low tide or people walking the coast path as its winds North and South.

Apart from the main estuary beach there is Ness Cove with a backdrop of the red cliffs which is accessed via a "smuggler's tunnel".  The Shaldon Tourist Information Centre is also very near Ness Beach and the large Ness car park. The small wildlife zoo and a cafe is also found here. This beach is dog friendly all year around.
Dog Friendly beach

This website has the largest selection of dog and pet-friendly cottages in the UK:

Dog friendly cottages

For detailed information on traveling with your dog and to see more dog friendly cottages  please click the link.


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